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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service by blending craftsmanship with innovation, delivering exceptional projects.

People Matter – Live by the Golden Rule:

We are a team of individuals who rely on each other to serve our customers. Our interactions are guided by the Golden Rule: treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Work with Salt:

We approach our tasks with determination and resourcefulness. We tackle challenges head-on, utilizing the resources available to us. We embrace risk as a means to learn and grow, drawing inspiration from past examples of excellence. In our successes, we remain humble, and in our setbacks, we exhibit resilience.


We Value


Trust, hard work, perseverance, communication, simplicity, openness and reliability.

We Honor


All People regardless of Race, Religion, Gender or Disability.

We Achieve


By bringing our best selves to the table.

Embrace Excellence:

Excellence manifests in various forms, from personal achievements to collective successes. It encompasses surpassing personal bests, creating exceptional projects, and acknowledging the contributions of others. We take pride in our accomplishments, both significant and minor, and revel in the joy of excellence

We believe in the power of teamwork, understanding that collectively, we can achieve more than any one of us can alone. As members of an exclusive team, we challenge and support one another as circumstances demand, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

Teamwork Amplifies Success:

Project Safety

OSHA Certified, Vigilant and Absolute

At KACO, Safety is job one.  Doing the job right is just part of the equation. We’re just as focused on safety and most importantly protection of life.  No job is worth injury regardless of demands.  KACO  through our specific establish safety program ensures that all of our teams are OSHA-certified and fully understand all safety rules and regulations. Before the project starts.  

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